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Trump to meet 'Rocket Man'

Trump agrees to meet “Rocket Man’

Developments on the Korean peninsula are suddenly moving at breakneck speed. Following the Olympic detente, President Kim Jong-Un hosted a dinner for a high-ranking South Korean delegation in Pyongyang on 5 March. He told his startled guests that North Korea was committed to denuclearisation and, for as long as dialogue continued, the North would refrain from further missile or nuclear tests. But the most surprising bombshell was that Kim also said he was eager to meet with the President Trump as soon as possible. The South Korea delegation rushed to Washington to inform Trump who, without consulting anyone, immediately accepted the invitation.

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EU fighting a lone battle for human rights in Asia

By Fraser Cameron

The European Union has a long tradition of promoting democracy and human rights in Asia, often in informal cooperation with the United States. Until 2014, it seemed that things were moving in the right direction, but since then there has been backsliding in China and several Southeast Asian countries. Xi Jinping has tightened control in China, the military endures in Thailand, Duterte’s drug purge is ongoing in the Philippines, the Tatmadaw commits ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, Hun Sen and his party have dissolved the opposition in Cambodia, and so on. 


Macron in India

Against the backdrop of a packed domestic reform agenda, French President Emmanuel Macron paid a State visit to India on 9-12 March 2018. The visit boosted the 20-year-old strategic partnership, as the leaders signed 14 agreements in very diverse areas. Highlights of the visit included a major step forward on cooperation on solar power and nuclear energy, a key maritime security agreement and closer defence cooperation, amidst shared concerns over China’s growing assertiveness in the Indian Ocean.

Blue China

Event Report - Blue China - Can the EU and China save our Oceans?

On 12 April, the EU-Asia Centre organised a panel discussion on EU-China cooperation on oceans management. In his introductory remarks, Fraser Cameron, Director of EU-Asia Centre, highlighted the thriving cooperation between EU and China in this field, as the topic is gaining momentum in Brussels as well as in Chinese policymaking circles.