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Books on EU and Asia of interest to our readers 

Great Powers

“Leadership and the rise of Great Powers”

By Roderick Kefferpütz

29 October 2019

Who is the world’s moral superpower? 

Morality as an instrument of power to gain alliances and become the world’s hegemon, that’s the key argument made by Chinese foreign policy expert Yan Xuetong in his new book “Leadership and the rise of Great Powers”. This review applies this concept in today’s grand struggle for hegemony between the United States and China and asks whether indeed it might not be Europe that could benefit most as a moral superpower.

 “May you live in interesting times.” This supposedly Chinese wish isn’t particularly well-meaning. Interesting times are troubled, even dangerous times. But whether we like it or not, we are living in interesting times. The end of history, which the American political theorist Francis Fukuyama proclaimed at the end of the Cold War, is long over. Geopolitics has returned with a vengeance. The United States and China are locked in a struggle for hegemony that will define the 21stcentury as much as the Cold War defined the preceding one. For the moment, this struggle is primarily played out in the economic and technological sphere. But a spill-over into other domains is not unthinkable. 

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Book Review: "The Great Successor: The Secret Rise and Rule of Kim Jung Un" by Anna Fifield

By Fraser Cameron

6 August 2019

Fifield’s book provides a fascinating insight into the US-North Korea relationship and is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand Kim Jung Un’s personality, rise to power and his influence on political and economic developments in North Korea. If ever there was a must read – this is it.

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Book Review: Europe, China and the Limits of Normative Power by Zsuzsa Anna Ferenczy

By Fraser Cameron

1 July 2019

Director of the EU-Asia Centre Fraser Cameron reviews Ferenczy's latest work on Europe-China relations.

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